Ignimission, the catalyst for security data management at SNCF

A testimonial from Thomas Chetard, Head of the Business Intelligence and Repository Division

Security is a complex field, requiring precise, responsive data management to ensure the safety of goods and people. Thanks to Ignimission, SNCF has optimized its data repository processes. Thomas Chetard, Head of the Business Intelligence and Repository Division, shares his experience and the significant changes Ignimission has brought to his day-to-day work.

Thomas’s mission: 20 years of IS experience at the service of rail safety

Thomas, who has two decades’ experience in information systems, currently holds the strategic position of head of the decision-making and repository division at SNCF. His mission: “To provide security agents with high-performance tools to optimize and facilitate their daily work, while coordinating various internal and external stakeholders. Our aim is to provide security agents with tools that improve their day-to-day efficiency, automate tasks and enable greater responsiveness.”

Before Ignimission: the challenges of inheriting the past

Before adopting Ignimission, SNCF was facing major challenges with an obsolete, complex and not very scalable tool. Users were dissatisfied, often preferring to use Excel. Thomas Chetard explains: “Collecting and updating data was laborious, leading to significant delays in application feed flows. We had a complex and unintuitive tool, which had the effect of constraining our security agents.

The transition to Ignimission: a breath of fresh air for the teams

When asked about the choice of Ignimission, Thomas Chetard explains that the former IS Director was won over by the positive feedback on the solution. Ignimission quickly won over the SNCF thanks to its responsiveness, configurability without specific development, ease of use and stability. The platform enabled rapid production launches, meeting the urgent needs of the business.
“Ignimission was the breath of fresh air we needed. Its quick and easy configuration enabled us to respond to business demands with remarkable efficiency. Its quick and easy configuration enabled us to respond to business demands with remarkable efficiency.”

Since the implementation of Ignimission, Thomas Chetard has noted stabilized and durable modeling, increased user satisfaction, improved data quality and reliability, faster production, automated processes, and better control of data entry: “We now have a global vision of the repository, which has considerably improved our day-to-day management.” 

A significant impact on costs and responsiveness for SNCF

The benefits for both the service and SNCF are significant, with savings on maintenance, training and licensing costs. Ignimission has enabled greater responsiveness to business demands, illustrated by the ease with which a new feature, such as pedestrian camera management, was integrated.
“Ignimission has not only improved the stability of our system, but also reduced our costs and increased our operational responsiveness.”

Thomas Chetard also plans to extend Ignimission’s features by connecting to other repositories and feeding other applications. His advice to companies hesitating to leave Excel: “If you want a coherent IS, work with Ignimission. It’s a responsive and efficient tool that perfectly meets our needs for repository management.”

Thomas Chetard’s story illustrates how Ignimission has transformed data management at SNCF, bringing stability, responsiveness and user satisfaction. This transition to a modern solution is proving to be a wise choice for companies seeking to optimize their data management in a constantly evolving technological universe.