Ignimission will be back at CyberArk Impact 2024: See you in Nashville in May!

We are pleased to announce that Ignimission will once again be exhibiting at CyberArk’s IMPACT 2024 event. CyberArk’s impact 2024 will be held May 20-22, 2024 in Nashville, Tennessee. This flagship event brings together cybersecurity professionals, opinion leaders and organisations committed to securing the digital world. But you can also find this event virtually right here.

But why is CyberArk’s IMPACT a must-attend event?

In recent years, identity security has become more critical than ever. Attacks targeting identities have become the norm, and protecting those identities is key to preventing data breaches and protecting digital assets. CyberArk IMPACT provides a place where cybersecurity professionals can come together, share knowledge, discuss best practices and discover the latest innovations in securing our identities and data. This is a must-attend event for all cybersecurity professionals looking to strengthen their identity security posture.

This event offers a unique opportunity to :

  • Deepen their knowledge of emerging identity-based threats: Master emerging identity-based threats with experts specialising in the latest cybercriminal trends and sophisticated attack techniques targeting other people’s identities.
  • Exchange with recognised experts and peers: Take advantage of interactive sessions and discussions led by industry experts and seasoned professionals to share your experiences and discover new perspectives.
  • Discover the latest innovations in identity security: Explore the cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions developed by CyberArk and its partners to protect your identities and digital assets.
  • Acquire practical skills: Strengthen your skills through training and certification sessions delivered by CyberArk experts, and gain the knowledge you need to effectively implement identity security best practices.