Ignimission celebrates women in tech: a commitment to inclusion and inspiration

On this International Women’s Rights Day, Ignimission has launched two campaigns to highlight the contributions of women in our company and in the tech industry. The aim: to show the importance of diversity and the positive impact of women in this sector.

Being a woman in tech: our female employees speak out

Parity in the technology sector remains an important issue, which is why we are committed to creating an inclusive working environment and promoting the place of women in this field. With this in mind, we wanted to highlight the career paths of some of our female employees.

They have shared with us their career paths, their advice and the challenges they have had to overcome to succeed in what is still a predominantly male environment. Discover their stories.

These women who changed the history of tech

To show the impact of women in tech, we’ve also launched a second communications campaign, featuring women who have changed the history of tech and left a lasting mark. From the pioneers of the 50s, when they represented the majority of coders, to today, when their presence in the digital sector represents only 30%. That’s why Ignimission wants to take action.
Watch our video to find out more.

Our actions to attract more women into tech

All companies, whatever their size, have a duty to work towards greater diversity in tech. In particular, Ignimission is working with the Femme du Digital Ouest digital women’s network to encourage women to get involved in this field. To find out more about our actions, read our CSR report.