Ignimission Platform

The collection and exchange of operational data is often slow and chaotic, which can have a major impact on the smooth running of your business processes.

With Ignimission Platform, simply capture and share your data in a controlled and secure manner.


Customizable Portal

Ignimission Platform is a web portal dedicated to each client. The platform helps teams collect, filter, secure and distribute their data efficiently, quickly and securely.

Content distribution and organization (Video, Apps, Documents)
Customization to reflect the client's image
Hierarchy of users (roles and permissions)
Multi-channel delivery

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Simplify end-user data collection and entry and convert manual processes into powerful business-generating applications.

Manual collection through forms
Automatic, thanks to APIs
Import/Export of Excel files
Workflow and Automation
ETL process (SQL or Talend)

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data visualization

Create your dashboards with all the visuals you need to track trends, changes or risks in your projects and processes.

Dissemination of data in the form of dashboards
Data restitution and distribution (multi-channel)
Drill Down and Drill Through
Integration of external DataViz (D3js..)

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With our design studio you can create your dashboards with all the visuals needed to track trends, changes or risks in your projects and processes.

« Designer Interface » to create Apps
Use drag and drop elements
Create workflows and automations

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Our No-code platform provides flexibility and agility. With daily workshops and one-week sprints, we deploy the project in 2 to 4 weeks.

Design Thinking, Build sprints
Tools (Platform, Wireframing, Backlog, RGPD...)
Documentary repository

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We work with our clients, particularly CAC40 groups, on numerous use cases in different businesses and sectors.