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Excel was not designed for data collection

The first mile of data collection is the most complex

Web forms, Excel spreadsheets, and even paper documents
are all used to collect data from customers, employees,
partners, franchisees, and others, often scattered across the
globe. Gathering and compiling this data is tedious and time-intensive,
and the results are frequently inaccurate and incomplete.
Any insights have to wait until the data is compiled and fed into a BI solution.
And the security of this data collection is completely lacking.

Enter Ignimission. Secure and straightforward, and augmented
with customizable business intelligence features, Ignimission makes
the first mile of data collection faster, smarter, and safer.


Complete your data collection projects in a fraction of the time, using a fraction of the resources

Deploy your project in a matter of weeks

Use BI and data visualization tools for real-time monitoring

Ignimission Faster Data
Ignimission Smarter Data


Collect your data with a fully customizable and traceable portal that resides on your own servers

Achieve data collection completion rates up to 5X higher than when using Excel

Customize your dashboards, populate reports, and more


Limit and open access to each step of the data collection process as you desire

Reduce data chaos and shadow IT

Keep sensitive data out of email, Excel files, and third-party providers

Safer data collection