Use cases

Ignimission Platform helps you to set up business applications in just a few days. We have worked with organizations on numerous use cases in a wide range of industries and sectors, as shown below.


Risk Management

Implement a risk management system that is integrated into your governance systems. Take a proactive approach with bow-tie risk modeling to prevent incidents.

Banking compliance

Collect, centralize and facilitate the management of legal regulatory data in a secure, collaborative and standards-compliant manner.

Brand compliance

Manage your franchise compliance with a tool that will help you navigate the complexity of global regulation.

Supplier follow-up

Simplify the process of creating, negotiating and monitoring your contracts with our solution. Ignimission promotes collaborative work throughout the entire life cycle of a contract, from its creation to its closing.

Program management

Put your transformation programs under control and supervise your geographic deployments with a steering cockpit updated in real-time.

Resource Onboarding

Set up custom dashboards to provide visibility and real-time information about your onboarding processes.

Budget tracking

Replace Excel in your budgeting process with an agile and secure data collection and exchange solution.