From parity to the environment: discover Ignimission’s CSR commitments 

In the face of current environmental, societal, and ethical challenges, Ignimission is committed to rethinking its practices and striving for a fairer and more environmentally respectful business. For several years, Ignimission has placed CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) at the heart of its strategy. This approach is not merely driven by the pursuit of compliance but by a desire to be part of the change. We firmly believe that addressing environmental, societal, and ethical issues is not a hindrance to our performance but rather a driver of our long-term success.

Environmental Responsibility

At Ignimission, we are firmly committed to environmental protection. Faced with climate change, we have recognized the urgency to take action. Therefore, we have undertaken concrete actions to reduce our environmental footprint. From managing energy in our facilities to raising awareness among our employees about energy conservation, and implementing waste reduction campaigns, we are determined to play our part in preserving our planet. Additionally, our Parisian facilities are BREEAM certified, demonstrating our commitment to environmental sustainability. At Ignimission, we firmly believe that every action, no matter how small, contributes to building a better future for all.

Social Responsability

At Ignimission, we firmly believe that a company is above all a human adventure, where men and women choose to invest themselves. That’s why we consider it essential to take care of our employees, without whom Ignimission would not be what it is today. For us, a company’s success lies primarily in the well-being it provides to those who contribute to it. We are committed to promoting an inclusive culture where every individual finds their place and can thrive. Ignimission is committed to fostering diversity, both geographically and in terms of gender parity. With 15% of our employees coming from abroad, Ignimission aims to be a multicultural environment, enriched by the diverse perspectives and experiences of each individual. Gender parity is a major concern for us, especially in the digital field where women represent only 30% of the workforce. Therefore, we actively work to change this situation by attracting more women to the sector and to our company. We collaborate notably with the digital women’s network “Femme du Digital Ouest” to encourage women to engage in this field. Additionally, we are committed to recognizing and rewarding the efforts of our employees because our success is the result of collective efforts. The well-being of our employees is at the heart of our concerns and guides our strategy. Therefore, we constantly strive to improve their working conditions and contribute to their fulfillment, so that coming to work for us remains a pleasure and a source of fulfillment. Ignimission also participates in improving young people’s access to the job market. We intervene in schools and have partnered with the ESAIP school to offer opportunities to young students and professionals. Moreover, we collaborate with France travail to support professional retraining.


At Ignimission, ethics are at the core of everything we do. We firmly believe in transparency, accountability, and respect, which are essential for building strong relationships with our employees and clients, while contributing to the trust and credibility of our company. Additionally, we strictly comply with GDPR standards to ensure the confidentiality and security of our employees’ and clients’ data, while transparently sharing our financial results with them. This total transparency has been rewarded with the Provigis silver medal, attesting to our commitment to good governance practices and risk management. Finally, to strengthen the security of our operations, we have subscribed to cyber insurance and conducted a comprehensive scan of our infrastructure, obtaining a perfect score of 100/100, thus demonstrating our commitment to data protection and the privacy of our stakeholders.

Our social commitment is ingrained in our DNA. We are determined to create an environment where everyone can thrive and contribute fully to the success of our company and society as a whole.

To learn more about our CSR policy, please consult our full Report for the year 2023 in french, which presents the concrete actions implemented by the company.