What are the challenges and advantages of a PAM implementation?

When it comes to PAM implementations, errors are not negligible and the consequences are severe.

Privileged Access Management (PAM) provides complete control and visibility into the systems that manage the security of the accounts of users who have access to certain critical resources of a company or organization. But under certain conditions.

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Three major cybersecurity risks

Privileged accounts are the target of 80% of cyber-attacks.[1] Cybercriminals most often target credentials and passwords, and one of the most common techniques for stealing privileged credentials is to target a terminal with easily exploitable vulnerabilities.

The Cloud environment weakens the implementation process. Especially during situations such as the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic that we are currently witnessing, where many users are working simultaneously from their homes. Protecting these accounts has never been an easy task. They have to be identified, managed and it takes time and effort to cover the whole network of a company.

A delayed realization. In 2019 Gartner conducted a survey which indicates that 90% of organizations will recognize the fundamental importance of security control related to privileged access only in 2022. Therefore, it seems obvious to set up now a strategy for managing privileged access with adapted and powerful tools and software.

If an access control audit were to be carried out today, 70% of organizations would fail.[2]


The main advantages of a PAM solution

The implementation of a PAM solution brings many advantages to the main stakeholders in IT security (CIO, IT Security Director, IT Security Manager) and risks (CSR, QSE):

Personalization of user access.

-Creation of temporary emergency access accounts

Access control and use of shared accounts

Automated password management 

Connection monitoring. Management and traceability of connections made by users with privileged access rights.


Ignimission Protec is a solution that optimizes, secures, and accelerates the implementation of a CyberArk PAM project. In particular, by significantly reducing the time and resources devoted to data collection, user, administration and application data.

Our dashboards allow you to share the progress of your PAM project and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with your stakeholders in real-time. You gain visibility and agility while ensuring end-to-end security for your integration process.

Ignimission, intelligently, collectively. 


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[2] Source: Comply or Die: 2018 Global State of Privileged Access Management (PAM) Risk & Compliance, Thycotic