Press article – Start a PAM project in the best conditions

In this article published in Global Security Mag, Fabien Tézé, Ignimission PROTEC’s Product Owner, reviews 4 essential steps to start a PAM project in the best conditions.

Privileged access management is one of the key points in the implementation of a corporate security strategy. For example, one can imagine the damage in terms of the image if a malicious person were to take control of the company’s Twitter account. Or what would happen if mafia groups took control of a hospital’s IS data during a pandemic?

In the context of Privileged Access Management (PAM), it is a question of controlling who has the ability to take control of these accesses, when and for what reason. One of the first steps in this security project will be to identify which solution you will choose to manage these accesses. There are many solutions on the market, such as CyberArk’s Enterprise Password Vault, Wallix’s Bastion and HashiCorp’s Vault.

Once you have selected the solution that meets your needs, you will be faced with a new challenge: what do you need to protect? While the answer to this question may seem obvious (all privileged access), the practicalities are much less so. How do you identify the exhaustive list of accounts to protect? Who is responsible for these accounts? What is the impact of password rotation on a given account? Who are the actors authorized to use privileged access?


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