Discover “Read Your PAM” – A Series on Privileged Account Security

We are delighted to announce the launch of our web series “Read Your PAM”. Go behind the scenes of privileged account management and explore PAM through the stories of those who live it every day.
In these first episodes, Ignimission CEO Georges Gavelle invites you to discover why PAM is not just a solution, but an opportunity for transformation.

Episode 1: Meeting with Marc COLNE, Head of WFP at Société Générale

For our first episode, we spoke to Marc COLNE, Head of WFP at Société Générale, and explored the challenges, strategies and successes that have shaped this major project.
In this no-holds-barred conversation, you’ll discover how CyberArk and Ignimission have been real catalysts for Société Générale’s maturity in terms of asset protection.

Episode 2: The evolution of the PAM Project at Société Générale

The programme for this episode includes a discussion of the core business, changes to the PAM programme to meet regulatory requirements, concrete examples of ROI and an innovative internal organisation.

Episode 3: Co-constructing the future with Ignimission’s Design Partners programme

In the third and final episode of our mini-series with Marc COLNE, head of the Privileged Access Management project at Société Générale, discover Ignimission’s “Design Partners” programme, where we co-create with our customers the functionalities that meet the evolving requirements of the market.
It’s this reality on the ground that brings all the added value to our solution and anticipates our customers’ expectations so well.