Ignimission and SNCF won the bronze medal at the Night of Data

On Monday, February 6th took place the first edition of the Data Night, an event organized by Républik IT which gathered more than 500 professionals to celebrate the best innovations of the Data ecosystem. We are proud to have won the bronze medal in the co-construction category with SNCF.

During the Grand Oral, Anne-Marie Vimard, in charge of the modeling pole of the Plateau Risques (1) at SNCF, and Gilles Dolet, co-founder and CTO of Ignimission presented the MARS application (Modelling and Analyzing Security Risks), a very advanced application to model risks and improve railway security in two approaches:

Reactive approach: A tool to assist in the analysis of security events, offering a synthetic and shared vision

Proactive approach: An analysis tool that helps guide and decide on the improvement actions to be launched

“We launched this project to facilitate the use of bow ties in risk management and to step up proactive analysis. The bowtie is a risk analysis method presented in the form of a tree: in the center is the feared event, on the left, the failures, the causes of this central event with the safety barriers that must prevent the realization of the feared event and on the right the consequences,” explains Anne-Marie. “Unlike the applications proposed in the market, Ignimission allowed us to create an application that was truly adapted to the SNCF culture.”

Thanks to the flexibility of the Ignimission solution, we were able to quickly build an application that could be used by non-data specialists. 28 butterfly nodes were modeled to analyze feared events and the performance of the systems put in place. We can now visualize aggregated data to establish action plans, optimize investments and reduce risks.”

Want to learn more? Contact us: https://ignimission.ac-page.com/demo-fr

(1) Serving the entire company, the Risk Platform is in permanent co-construction with SNCF teams on all activities. Its objective is to industrialize risk management solutions.