Ignimission, Allianz and Opera Cyber Silver winners in the co-construction category at CyberNight

We are proud to have been named Silver winners in the co-construction category with our partner Opera Cyber and our common client Allianz at the CyberNight 2022.

“Ignimission Platform helps us optimize our ISS management and gain sustainable performance. Unlike other tools on the market, Ignimission allows us to customize both our indicators and our processes to better control and reduce our risk level.” Carlos Garcia CISO Allianz

Allianz decided to collaborate with Ignimission and Opera Cyber to address the issue of lack of efficiency, reliability and traceability of data in the management of their business and also to have a centralized global view.

The management data came from different systems and files. They did not have comparable indicators from one month to another because many of the data collections were done in Excel, their source data were not the same, the calculation chain was not the same and because each team works on its own with its own data, they did not have a global and reliable view within the company.

The tools on the market did not allow for customization of both their indicators and their processes. In addition, most traditional BI solutions did not offer the flexibility of automated collection coupled with enriched manual input. The multiple collection mode, including the manual/file upload/API connector aspect, was essential for Allianz, as was customization, since they had indicators and processes that did not necessarily correspond to frameworks. The Ignimission solution met this need through parameterization and without a line of code.

We started a pilot to co-build this collaborative portal in order to manage data collection in an agile way (both automated and manual) and to share personalized views and indicators easily and quickly.

The portal offers very user friendly forms and allows better collaboration with other teams either by sharing or by contributing to KPIs. Allianz teams had access to more data and were able to build more relevant indicators and share them easily.

In conclusion, thanks to this application, Allianz has made data collection more reliable in order to provide a federated view of a set of SSI indicators (SMSI indicators, KRI, control, status, etc.) evaluated in real time to help them control and reduce risks.

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