Asten Group completes its Data offer by becoming an Ignimission partner

Asten Group completes its Data offer by becoming an Ignimission partner

Brest, September 14, 2021 – The Asten Group, a specialist in cloud-based management information systems and digital transformation for SMBs, SMEs and local authorities in the Brittany region, announced today its partnership with Ignimission, a French publisher of a No-Code solution that allows the creation of business applications
integrated with the IS and covering the entire process of data collection, distribution, and reporting. This partnership allows Asten Group to enrich its expertise in data and analytical solutions and to offer its customers a
complete solution that can be configured in just a few days.

Asten Group chose Ignimission’s Platform solution for its flexibility and simplicity, as well as for its user experience, which allows us to offer powerful business applications related to data processing in just a few days. Ignimission, which is presented as a Web portal dedicated to each client, helps teams to collect, filter, secure, and distribute their data efficiently, quickly, and safely.
With an integrated data visualization studio, users can create dashboards with graphs to ensure they are tracking
charts to ensure they are tracking trends, processes, changes, or risks in their projects and their projects and processes.

Stéphane CABON, Asten Lab Sales Manager, explains: “The Ignimission solution immediately appealed to the ASTEN teams, both from a functional and technical standpoint. The careful ergonomics of the user interfaces and functional richness combined with great ease of use make Ignimission Platform solution capable of competing with the largest historical editors such as Oracle. The solution strengthens our expertise in both our Big Data and specific portal development offerings.” 

Ignimission provides its partners with a design thinking approach and a visual platform to create applications in just a few days, with a very quick learning curve. Objective: simplify data collection and transform manual processes into complete and secure business applications with unlimited access.

The integration of the Ignimission Platform solution into its offer allows Asten Group to provide its customers with a
differentiating proposition with a powerful impact in terms of very short implementation times (5 to 10
days on average). The economic model, based on a unique pricing regardless of the number of users is particularly well suited to multi-site organizations such as those in the food industry.

“We are very happy to collaborate with the Asten Group. This partnership is perfectly in line with our
development strategy on the French territory. We share, with the Asten Group, the same quest for excellence” says Georges Gavelle, CEO of Ignimission. “The collaboration between our teams was immediately fluid and we were delighted by our partner’s enthusiasm for our solution. Joint actions have already been initiated and Asten Group has the expertise to become a leading integrator partner in the West.”

As a player committed to the economic and social development of the Grand Ouest Breton region for more than
25 years, the Asten Group continues to invest in technological resources and ensures that it is surrounded by the
human resources to support its customers in their strategic and operational challenges.
“In a market where it is difficult to attract talent, Ignimission contributes to bringing value to our teams
through intellectually stimulating projects,” continues Stéphane CABON. In addition, “with Ignimission, we
share the same values of high standards and transparency, which have allowed us to develop our relationship. We would be very proud to contribute to the success of Ignimission Platform in the Western region of France.”


About Ignimission –

Ignimission was launched in 2017 on the principle that data collection is a critical part of the data lifecycle, and requires an innovative, user-centric approach. Our goal is to simplify data collection for the end user and convert manual processes into powerful business-generating applications. We currently offer two solutions in Cloud or On-Premise mode:

  • Ignimission Platform to create business applications covering the entire process of collecting, entering, distributing and reporting data; already deployed in many use-cases: compliance, risk management, budget tracking, program management, consumption tracking, resource on-boarding, supplier monitoring, etc.
  • Ignimission Protec to manage the CyberArk application lifecycle (project, operation, migration) and data federation related to PAM applications to provide more visibility.

Extract from our references: Accor, Arkema, BNP, CNP, Crédit Agricole, Direction Interministérielle du Numérique, Engie, GDS France, Logilec E.Leclerc, Poclain Hydraulics, Région Ile-de-France, SNCF, Société Générale, TF1, Total VINCI Energies, WhP…

About Asten Group – 

For more than 25 years our business has been to support our customers in the development and evolution of their information systems,
to help them transform and improve their performance by advising them on the most appropriate technologies. We must inspire
We must inspire our customers to make their digital transformation a real growth driver.
Founded in 1995, the Group acquired the first data center in Western Brittany in 2008.
Leader in information systems outsourcing in Brittany, the Group has more than 115 employees and has achieved a turnover of more than 12.5 million euros.
12.5 million in revenues in 2020.

Based in Brest Metropole, the Asten Group has 3 subsidiaries:
– ASTEN CLOUD: Hosting, outsourcing and cybersecurity solutions certified ISO 27001 and HDS
– ASTEN LAB: Big Data, specific developments of applications and mobile solutions and ERP integration
– ASTEN RETAIL: Publishing and integration of innovative software solutions for the world of cash collection, sales promotion and
and loyalty and multi-brand support center