Ignimission, a remarkable growth: a word from our CEO

We are pleased and proud that Ignimission is part of the “Champions of Growth 2022” with a position in the Top 3 in Pays de la Loire and 84th place out of 500 in France.

This ranking, launched by Les Echos and Statista, lists French companies that have overcome the health crisis and had strong performances during these last years.

Georges Gavelle, CEO and co-founder of the start-up, discusses Ignimission’s position in the Top 500 and tells us more about the company’s ambitions.

What does this ranking mean for you and for Ignimission?

This ranking was a great surprise because we never thought we would be positioned so high. For a small company like Ignimission, being ranked 84th out of 500 and second in the Pays de la Loire region is an incredible recognition of the work we’ve done and, above all, an opportunity for the company to shine throughout the region through the press.

It is a real pride for the collaborators and of course for the partners because it is the fruit of our collective work. The company has evolved a lot over the last few years and we now have more than thirty committed employees who are motivated by the adventure and the pages we are writing.

Are you planning investments for 2022?

Our objectives are ambitious and the company will continue to grow, so our priority will be to invest in human resources, with the opening of a dozen new positions in 2022.

We will also try to structure ourselves better to improve our industrialization capacity by capitalizing on everything we have built up to now. The company has reached a certain level and is about to enter an acceleration phase for which we need to consolidate. Our objective on the product side is to strengthen the teams and to seniorize them in order to accelerate developments by recruiting profiles with new skills and a vision that will allow us to continue and enrich our approach to the continuous improvement of our software.

What is your vision for the future?

With regard to the Protec solution, our partnership with CyberArk has been greatly strengthened in recent months. We are more and more solicited to work together on accounts, which indicates that the ROI brought by our solution is clearly perceived. The positive feedback from our customers is the first proof of this.

As far as the Ignimission Platform solution is concerned, we have gained visibility in public organizations, such as ministries, where there is a lot at stake around data collection and security. We will therefore quickly switch to the SecNumCloud environment to guarantee the highest level of security for our customers.

The power and simplicity of our solution also appeals to large groups that need to secure and make their data collection processes more reliable in contexts with many contributors. With 100% of our customers renewing their contracts, we are very confident that the Ignimission adventure will continue!

We also plan to continue our investments in Marketing to gain visibility while remaining true to our values and keeping our messages clear and easy to understand.

What are your ambitions for the coming years?

To support our growth, we have chosen not to raise funds but to raise debt, which means that we remain the masters on board and the decision-makers of the strategy to follow.

We want to go international while continuing to strengthen our presence in the French market, which is our historical market where Ignimission still has a lot of value to offer. With Ignimission Protec, we have already begun to have subjects outside of France and we plan to quickly intensify our presence in Europe.

Covid has changed a lot of things… In the past, when talking about the international market, we thought we would have offices, but in the first instance we will initiate local partnerships that will allow us to make our first international sales.